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creative agenda

Through explorations, areas in-between various disciplines of performance, directions, and the visual arts; My curiosity circles back to a question: What potential is contained within a set of directions?

Visual communication is a point of departure for me into object making, collaboration, and expanding the language of sound, notation, and sound score ontology. I explore the intersection of time in visual processes and sonic ones. Through a series of impulses and responses, I seek an alternative reading of time and place.




Claire Paul a Art Professor at Georgia State University. She completed her MFA in Drawing and Painting from Georgia State University (2009) and BME in Music from Florida State University (1999). She studied with Jeff Keesecker on Bassoon and invited back to Florida State University in 2015 to give a Masterclass on Electronic Bassoon performance. She was awarded a Flux Project grant in a collaboration in 2011 and selected for an artist residency at The Atlantic Center for the Arts with Zeena Perkins and Jennifer Monson in 2017. 


Paul was selected for two international shows while working in Greece, SEAS International Art Exhibition (2016) and RADIOMEGA Ionion Center Art Exhibition (2016), and on her return was invited to create a show at Kibbee Gallery in collaboration with Angus Galloway (2016). Paul frequently shows and performs around Atlanta including recording contributions and collaborations with other artists, which in 2015 resulted in an LP titled "Drawing Through." She was the first musician to play the electronic bassoon at Eddie's Attic during an open mic performance (2007) and as a collaborator in various musical acts in Orlando, Florida (2001-2003). Paul has also been selected for various conference presentations on working and teaching as an artist in academia including: Georgia Women's Conference, Atlanta Science Festival, CCHA Conference, Georgia State University, and Agnes Scott College. She continues to explore performance, place, and process in both visual art and sound composition.


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